About us

Hybrid Technical Enterprise System Consulting is an Innovative IT Firm.

We've come a long way with various cutting edge web applications and systems. Our technology consulting firm specializes in Relational Database Design, Application Development, and Database Administration. Our years of Oracle database technology experience makes us experts and we take great pride in providing top notch services.

SINCE 2015

Hybrid Technical Enterprise Systems Solutions

Hybrid Technical Enterprise System Consulting (HYTESYSCO LLC) is one of the leading technology consulting firm. HYTESYSCO LLC is innovative and have experienced staff with several years of experience in Database Engineering with multiple certifications ranging for CompTIA Security+, Oracle Certification, ITIL etc. We offer a pool of highly skilled and experienced database professionals.

Our objective is to provide exceptional services to our clients, while maintaining the highest level of honesty, integrity, and ethical business behavior. To enable our clients achieve maximum benefit from their data assets by providing secure, reliable, effective database systems and services. To expand our business by building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

We are consultants and experts in the various application development and certified professionals in CompTIA Security CE, CompTIA Network+ (2007 Edition), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), CompTIA A+ (2009 Edition), MCSA: Security on Windows 2003, MCSE: Security on Windows 2003. We have various expert application developers, technical writers, data scientist.

Hytesysco is showing the world a better and more cost effective way of way of doing things. our data expertise includes: Knowledge Management consultant, Cyber Analysts, Research Specialists and business process specialists. We also specialize in planning, organizing, structuring, processing, controlling, evaluation and reporting. For more information, please contact us at info@hytesysco.com

Our Headquarters Location

Our Headquarters is located in Northern Virginia and outside of the DC Metro in the Washington D.C., Fredericksburg Virginia, Norfolk Virginia and Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Africa.

We Provide The Best Support

We take our client’s support seriously. Our support team is ready to help you overcome any obstacle you may encounter.

Our Products Delivery

Our experts developed strategic relationship with the following companies in order to provide you with complete Database Engineering solutions.


HYTESYSCO Designed The ACKMP Website also the Website Administrator.
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Our Database Engineers have been certified by ORACLE Corporation
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Our Database Engineers have been certified by CompTIA to meet DOD requirements.
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CHAVERAN Inc. is a leading oracle training institution in Washington DC metro region
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Our Team Experience

Our team of consultants and experts are the best that you find any where in the world, we deliver all enterprise system required by any organization on time with
no delay and the customer service is spectacular.

Analytics Experience
Software Experience
Database Experience
Consulting Experience
  • Management Solutions
    Our Management Consulting Division

    We help organizations improve their performance, using operational analysis, perform SWOT Analysis and the need analysis of known organizational problems and finally develop a Plans of Action and Milestone.

  • Technology Solutions
    Our Information Technology Division

    We  provide web application management, website design and development, personal computing solutions, programming languages and database development, data center and network services for businesses.

  • Strategic Solution
    Strategic Management Office

    We assist in the implementation of the major goals and initiatives taken by a company’s top management on behalf of stakeholders, by considering available resources and finally assess the internal and external environments.

  • Network Defense
    Cyber Analytics Office

    We identify systemic threats in the computer network and determine mitigating factors to potential network vulnerabilities, enable change in organizational perspective, by recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.

  • Database Support
    Information Systems Office

    hands on skills designing, implementing, maintaining database infrastructures supporting various commercial off the shelf and custom applications and  implemented and supported multiple Oracle 11gR2 , 12c 

  • Knowledge Base
    Knowledge Management Office

    We specialize in capturing, structuring and enhanced sharing of organizational knowledge by establishing processes for creating, transfer of  knowledge, implement, refine KM capabilities and strategy.


    Our Value

    We provide quality products & services to clients no matter the condition: by ensuring customers are most satisfied in doing business with us; by constant feedback and paying close attention to our clients needs, by mandating continuous improvement in all our products & services.

    Our Mission

    To provide a hybrid technical enterprise system solutions; to provide a strategic business analytic solutions across board and to provide a cost-effective and integrated systems acquisition solutions.

    Our Vision

    Promote strategic technology acquisition and innovative application solutions.


    We support the redesigning core business processes to help your organization achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality.

    Our Services

    Our Expertise

    • IT Management Consulting
    • Business Plan Implementation
    • Web Applications Development
    • Systems Admin and Engineering
    • Systems Integration & Implementation
    • Software development and Deployment


    Experienced Systems Engineer

    We need experienced Systems Engineer to support the development, revision, and update of systems engineering documents such as Information Support Plan, Systems Engineering Plan, Test and Evaluation Plan, Program Protection Plan (PPP) and systems performance specifications.

    Experienced Digital Analyst

    The Digital Analyst will monitor web analytic trends in Google Analytics to determine new strategies and recommendations for best online reporting measurement processes. Computer Programming, advanced communication  and presentation skills highly desired.